1836 Colored engraving - Insects - G. Cuvier, The Animal Kingdom - Decoration, Antique print - 10.8x7.5in

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GEORGES CUVIER - The Animal Kingdom
Dystique tres large, Hydropore deprime, Colymbete striee, Notere a antennes epaisses, Hygrobie d’Hermann, Haliple imprimee, Gyrin nageur
**Frame and mat not included**
Anatomist of the late 18th century and early 19th century, Georges Cuvier is considered the inventor of comparative anatomy and paleontology.
The animal kingdom, in which he develops his classification theories, is his life's work. Published by Masson in 1836, with 22 volumes, including 11 of plates containing nearly 1,000 color-enhanced engravings, the work ranks among the most important in the history of science. The plates are made by the best artists of the time, Audouin, Blanchard, d'Orbigny, Travies, Duvernois ...

Dave Zaitlin
April 22, 2021
Print was shipped right away and arrived in only 1 week. Very well packed and just as described. Very rare print that I was happy to finally find for my collection.
Tater Moon
May 31, 2021
Michel was excellent to work with. He worked to put together a deal that worked for both of us and really took care of getting everything put together and shipped to me! He even put together a 2nd order for me! I will do further business with Michel whenever I can!
10, 2021
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10, 2021
Received on time, very happy with this purchase,

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