316 Dia. x 11-34 Long Star Mosaic Rods


1.:Aluminum [Sold out]

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Product Description
Add flair and a subtle touch to your custom knife handle by using mosaic handle pins instead of traditional materials. These mosaic rods are made here in Texas, and are available in a number of designs. The metal is copper or brass and/or aluminum, and the fill is dyed epoxy. Each is 3/16" diameter and 11-3/4" long.
These are available with either a copper, brass, or aluminum tube casing. The star in the middle is made with aluminum.
Very high heat (the kind that instantly burns your finger when touching it) can melt the epoxy and cause it to smear. Exercise care when sanding, and keep a tub of water nearby to periodically cool your handle down when shaping it.

31, 2021
3/16" Dia. x 11-3/4" Long Star Mosaic Rods
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19, 2021
3/16" Dia. x 11-3/4" Long Star Mosaic Rods
8, 2021
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