34\u201d Natural Wooden Round Unfinished Balls for Craft and Building by Woodpeckers


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Product Description

Wood Parts for Professional Woodworkers
The superior quality of our hand-finished sustainable wood parts like turned-wood wheels, dowels and other speciality parts make Woodpeckers your source for professional wood components. Finish that handmade project professionally with wood parts that meet your quality standards.
Stylish Home Decor with Wood
Wood craft parts are sanded to a smooth, blemish-free finish. Our sustainable wood beads, wood cubes and wooden dowels in a wide range of sizes are ideal for home decor projects. Try your hand at DIY projects like a wood bead garland, a wall hanging or cute mini succulent planters. Tap into your creative side with wood craft parts by Woodpeckers!
Little Fingers Create!
Bring out your little one’s creativity with sustainable and fun crafting projects that will keep them busy for hours. Woodpeckers wood craft parts come in a wide range of sizes and styles, providing endless ways to craft with wood. Craft projects with paint, glue and a big dose of imagination!
Educational Crafts Come to Life!
Teachers and educators have a wide range of craft ideas to engage kids and help them learn, while having fun! Wood craft parts are great for educational project ideas like an abacus or word-maker. Affordable wood craft parts open up an endless range of project ideas for all budgets. Sustainable bulk wood parts are a versatile foundation of so many craft projects and teaching materials. Woodpeckers is a leading educational wood craft resource.
Professional Wood Crafts
Wood Home Decor
Crafting with Kids
Educational Wood Crafts
EXCELLENT BUILD QUALITY – These wooden balls from Woodpecker Crafts are made from high-quality wood and are much sturdier than any other craft balls on the market. Perfect for your projects, you can use these wooden balls to make props for photo shoots, parties, puppet shows, baby showers, and more!
SMOOTH SURFACE – These wooden craft balls have smooth surfaces that do not need further sanding, making them easy to decorate and paint. They are made from birch wood and measure 3/4" across.
KID-FRIENDLY – These wooden balls are great for arts and crafts activities for children! You can use them to make personalized ornaments, charming home and kitchen decorations, and store displays, or simply paint them with various colors to make eye-catching embellishments!
NO SPLINTERS – Each ball has been smoothed down until it has no splinters. Their surfaces are easy to draw, paint, or put glue on. Stickers and jewels also stay on without a problem. These balls are perfectly safe for craft-making sessions at home or in the classroom or simply as mementos for special occasions.
BUDGET-FRIENDLY – Woodpecker Wooden Balls are available in numerous packs and bundles to suit your needs, whether you use them for a big school project or simple home decorations. Since these come straight from the wood mill, you can enjoy wholesale and bulk pricing.

Em Schultz
March 8, 2021
I used these to make plates in order to raise the barbell for hip thrusts. I ordered the 5 pack so I could glue 2 together for additional support. The spouse did the glueing and drilled the holes. I love them!!
Rhonda Brown Conner
2, 2021
Perfect in every way! TOP NOTCH quality. Straight and smooth every time. LIGHTNING FAST service. OUTSTANDING customer service. My go to shop for wooden dowels. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
May 26, 2018
These were perfect for making our wedding programs into fans!
Shantel Scrogin
6, 2021
Immediately made this into a BOO sign. Perfect weight for a front door.

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