5 Pcs Mother of Pearl Gemstones Size 2 mm, Round Rose Cut cabochons, MOP Faceted Cabs, Fine Quality, Price per 5 Pieces.

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Product Description

(MOP) Mother of Pearl Round Rose Cut Cabochons Excellent Quality Gemstones.
Price Per 5 Piece
Shape : Round
Cut : Rose Cut
Size : 5 mm
Color : White
Treatment : 100% Natural
Hardness : 2.5 - 4.5
*Measurement and weights are near approximates

Mary Stubley
5, 2021
I ordered a few to check the quality and will be back soon to order more cabs. Order shipped with DHL and took the long way around the globe to Vancouver, not the sellers fault it just was surprising to see it track through Europe.
Spear YVR
4, 2020
Very nice cut on these garnets, they shine and are a beautiful colour. My order arrived to Canada in just over two weeks!! I was expecting a month or more. Thank you very much.
Wenona Kimbro
22, 2020
Absolutely gorgeous!! Rich color, beautifully balanced. Deep teal with a subtle, earthy green undertone. The rose-cut cabochon has a depth that evokes the best of ocean blues and greens, with a subtlety to the sheen that keeps the cut from looking too glittery. Excellent communication and service from seller to get the perfect color. Highly recommended.
Spear YVR
4, 2020
Gorgeous stones. My order arrive a bit sooner than I expected considering worldwide shipping delays. Very pleased, thank you.

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