Alpaca lamb Noble Rose

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Product Description
Alpaca lamb is a particularly soft and soft wool from the fur of baby alpacas. This can only lead to something cuddly soft. Anyone who has touched them will not let go of them any time soon. A cloudy and fluffy dream - just beautiful
Weight: 100g
Running length: 400 m
Material: 100% Alpaca
Needle strength: 2.5-3.5

May 14, 2021
multicolor Merino-Kammzug "Sugar"
Barbara Gauer
7, 2021
hand-dyed sock-yarn, "Alpenveilchen" (Atelier Zitron)
3, 2021
hand-dyed fine Hightwist, sock wool with merino wool, "lil-Fanny"
ruth-jorunn heggeboe
March 25, 2021
hand-dyed sock-yarn, "sunshine" (Atelier Zitron)

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