Aquamarine Beads 309ct Aquamarine Nugget Beads Aquamarine Gemstone Faceted Aquamarine Beads Extra Long 19 Strand AQXT9F0002

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Product Description
This strand of genuine Aquamarine nuggets has:
Quantity: about 25 nugget beads (one 19" strand)
Shape: Faceted nugget
Size: 15-20mm
Weight: 309ct
Quality: I'm going to have to call these Aquamarine tumbled nuggets about an A grade. They don't appear to have been treated or dyed (as is usually the case) so the color is a bit light, but then the color is natural, so there is a pro & con both. At the same time, these are multicolor aquamarine, so although there are mostly light blue stones, there are also a few pink (morganite), & a few white scattered in the strands (see variation in image). Then when we look at the clarity, there are mostly translucent stones, with some milky stones (which actually have better color). Finally, these have a lively, flashy cut (by hand), and are not perfect by any means. There are dings around drill holes (the primary issue I found), although I haven't seen any signs of major beatings around the rest of the stone. Overall, these are great aquamarine - a good robust size (which is harder to get than teeny chips), a flashy facet, medium color, and in a very fancy stone.
The stones in the image are the stones you will receive.
Like it or not, when you tell people it's genuine aquamarine, their eyebrows will go up & they will have another look - they can't help it.
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