Beadsmith Pink Camo Jewelry Pliers Set in Zipper Pouch Chain Nose Round Flat Knotting Tool Side Cutter Bead Reamer Design

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Product Description
Beadsmith Pink Camo Tool Set with 'Gun' Handles!
Ergonomic Handle Design to sit comfortably in your hand.
All Pliers Feature:
*Double-leaf springs for comfort
*Slip-resistant matte finish grips
*Polished steel heads
*Boxjoint construction
Included are:
*Chain Nose Plier: Grips and tucks in wire ends, and gets into small spaces. Opens and closes jumprings
*Round Nose Plier: Creates loops for eye pins, as well as jumprings, and clasps. Bends and coils wire
*Flat Nose Plier: Useful for gripping wire and rings, bending, flattering, and straightening metal, and closing pinch ends
*Side Cutter: Useful for trimming or cutting of soft wire and bead cord (not used for SoftFlex or memory wire)
*Bead Reamer: Great for enlarging bead holes, and smoothing rough edges. Includes 3 different tips, conveniently stored in the hollow handle.
*Knotting tweezer: And easy-to-use tool for creating knots between valuable beads and pearls
*Zippered Case: Carries all of your tools for easy use!
The pliers measure approximately 6-1/2" long on the curve (slight variation depending on tool tip), so these are great for those of us with longer fingers.
You will receive one tool set.

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