Big wooden magic jewelry puzzle box carbon black hidden key secret opening storage brain teaser treasure trinket case drawer chest gift toy

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Product Description

This box is originally known as ‘’ the secret box’’. Why do they call it secret box ? Interesting. The secret relies on how you open it. You need to know 6 secret steps to open this box.
After you open it, you can hide something inside… after all, we all have something to hide.
In the same time, many people leave it open, they do not lock it back, and they use it as a jewelry box or to put something special in it.
This box is entirely from wood (most often maple or beech wood ) , and entirely handmade and handcarved by a talented handcrafter. It is lacquered for having a shiny , smooth and nice aspect, and for a long –lasting use.
You can see the professional handcarving in the main part, front part, and on the side of the box.
You may be curious how you open it.
Please look carefully at the pictures, those will help you understand the opening. The steps are the following :
Hold it in your hands. The bottom part you push backwords.
Then slide the front part of this bottom part (which you have slide backwords) to the left.
Now you can see that piece of the side of the box, which you have to slide towards you, to take it out. You slide it from the middle (not from the edge of the box ) You can see on the picture that the cut is not quite at the edge of the secret box.
After that, you turn this piece what you have taken out, and you can see that in the back of it it is the key. You take out the key.
But… where is the keyhole?! It is where all boxes open, where they all have their lock, Now it is covered with one of the elements carved like a leaf or has some points. You slide down the middle one of them ( the middle of those 5,7 or 9 things depending on the box’s size) and there is the keyhole.
You put the key in the position which is on the picture, and make one complete circle clockwise (turning it to the right) and then you may need to turn a little bit more (force, and turn, don’t worry it will not break) It is unusual at the beginning, but then you will get used to it. You have to turn it until you hear a small click. Then the box opens and it is ready to hold your secrets.
If you want, there is a small hole beside the mirror, you can hide something there too.
You put it back together in the reverse order you opened it.
Exterior sizes: 16,5 cm x 10,5 cm x 9cm.
Interior sizes :13,4 cm x 6,8 cm x 3,8 cm.
It is a very nice gift, perfect for children ( all of them want something to hide their small toys or little secrets in ) and for adults too, the boys love it because it is a puzzle box and it is a challenge to open it, and women are being charmed by the fact that they will have an unusual and safe jewelry box.
It is a really genuine gift at a great price!!! This professional craftsmanship worths every penny.
It will certainly charm you !!!

6, 2019
Absolutely beautiful. Amazing craftsmanship. It’s a little stiff but I think it’s just from being used twice.
4, 2021
beautiful box! I love the way that it looks and the way it works! It's so cute!
26, 2018
I bought this for my brother for Christmas (he adores challenges and puzzles). He absolutely loved it. The craftsmanship is wonderful and the box is neither too easy nor too hard. Not only that but the price is incredible considering how expensive most other puzzle boxes can be.
richelle anna schuijt
February 24, 2021
I love it! Would remmomd and im gonna order again!

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