Commercial Blue Oyster Mushroom Culture

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Product Description

For sale is a living culture of Commercial Blue Oyster mushroom mycelium (Pleurotus pulmonarius) This culture has been quality controlled for sterility and packaged in polypropylene sleeves for protection until use. For long term storage, place dish in refrigerator agar side up. Fresh from the Farm Fungi is a gourmet mushroom farm located in Denver, CO. For more information visit MUSHLOVE

June 1, 2021
Awesome! Always Clean n Fast Shipping. Can't wait to spawn!
Harvest Oak Mushrooms LLC
31, 2020
Quick free shipping + a petri-dish full of beautiful mycelium, made my Monday mush more enjoyable!!!. Like every mycelium order I get, it went straight into LC's, plates, slants and a couple of prepped bags! Every order I've ever had from fresh fungi has been viable, pure and fresh. No reason to doubt this one will be any different! I even got a bonus!!! Freshfungi is my new go-to mycelium supplier.
6, 2020
Went heavy with 2cc ,but look, it has eaten a lot of the food already and only 4 days, crazy. Love this store, everything we buy is tested, clean and going above and beyond is there standard. Wont let me upload photo, but my whole pint jar is ready for use, 4days!!!
28, 2020
Looks great! Fast growing and clean LC. The attached photo shows 1 week of growth from only 2 cc's of the original LC syringe. Inoculated rye shows signs of mycelial growth in less than 24 hrs! I will definitely be ordering more LC in the future. Thanks Gary!

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