Diamond in the Rough Hand Spun Yarn


1.:172 Yards

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Product Description
This is unique self-striping Hand-spun yarn created with great love and attention to detail on my Louet S15 spinning wheel. Working with Hand-spun yarn is a real treat. Each and every inch is unique and beautiful, it's a true feast for the eyes.
- This yarn consists of 55% Argentinian Wool, 23% Merino, 22% Tencel. The Merino/Tencel were purchased at Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool this past year from a local farm, and the Argentinian wool (which is natural and un-dyed) was purchased in Rosario, Argentina while I was on tour for work. I am so inspired by the importance of fiber arts locally and around the world!
- This is a Worsted Weight yarn. It's pretty uniform but there are some thicker and thinner parts due to the hand-spun nature of the yarn. I suggest using a 4-8 size knitting needle for this, if that's your thing. The swatch pictured is knitted on Size 5 needles.
- Each skein is enough to make a Hat or a pair of Fingerless Mitts. Two skeins together are enough for Gloves, Socks, or a Cowl. Three skeins are enough for a Shrug, or a really beautiful Shawl! If none of these ideas strike your fancy, this yarn is perfect for adding personality to your own unique crocheting, weaving or knitting creations!
- This yarn was made in a smoke-free, pet-friendly environment, and washed with care in Kookaburra Lavender Wool Wash for your crafting pleasure.
**There are three skeins available, 1 is 216 yards, 1 is 200 yards, and 1 is 172 yards. Please choose your length at checkout.**
To create this Yarn, I spun the Dark brown Argentinian wool with the dyed Merino/Tencel in a Descending Width Stripe technique. This technique resulted in Self Striping Skeins where the stripes of color are irregular - which I find to be more exciting when you're knitting! The Tencel/Merino blend adds shine, and against the Dark Brown canvas of the Argentinian wool makes the colors really pop! The yarn is soft and squishy and will be comfortable next to sensitive skin.

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