Fiz, Fizzy.... HUGE, mohair, autumn splendor, romantic, prairie primitive, carnival clown teddy bear

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Product Description
*****Unusual country bohemian prairie primitive striking lovely autumn colors teddy bear*****
Fizz, a romantic soul, soft elegant rustic “lap and secrets” bear.
If you supply the lap and secrets, if it’s warm and cozy with a few hugs thrown in, he might tell you some of his ….
Fizzy is handmade from one of my simplest patterns to produce a country teddy bear almost doll like with a full belly and a trim line.
I used:
* OOAK tye-dyed mohair quality 906 TY called “Autumn” and a loose wavy long semi dense in “Golden” for the face
* Black glass eyes
* wood and poly filled
* Batik paw pads
* Batik and tulle collar vintage ribbons with aging on them
* 19 inches taller in his hat
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1, 2021
Ensign ZEBEDEE, ....yesteryear sweetheart, military/sailor, boy friend, BIG vintage styled mohair teddy bear
February 1, 2021
FANCY....yesteryear sweetheart, military girl friend, BIG vintage styled mohair teddy bear
1, 2020
RESERVED for Carla Albuquerque-kins
20, 2020
RESERVED for Carla Albuquerque-kins

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