Japanese Paper Balloon -blow fish family- Washi paper kami-fusen

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Product Description

These traditional handcrafted paper balloons are made in Niigata prefecture in Japan.
This is originally a toy for kids bouncing.
Hanging from the ceiling , the balloons are swinging in the gentle breeze.
As the thin translucent paper let the sunlight through, they look luminous by the sunshine.
They are very beautiful and delicate product made by Japanese craftsman.
This adorable paper balloon is perfect for decorating a party room and kids room.
※Colours of the balloons in each set will vary.
※No attached strings. You can attach thin thread or thin nylon string easily on the balloon.
※Each balloon comes flat
set of 3paper balloon
φ300mm × 1
φ210mm × 1
φ140mm × 1
+Made in Japan+"

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