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Product Description
Complete Kombucha kit includes everything you need to start brewing Kombucha tea at home (except brewing vessel)
Making your own Kombucha is fun, easy and highly rewarding. With proper culture care, you may never need to purchase another SCOBY again!
⭐️ Ships priority in a box ⭐️
Receive a lucky Marimo moss ball gift, with every purchase of a Kombucha kit! Extremely easy to care for, they have been found to live well over 100 years old! Baby Marimo in a glass vial with white sand.
Use this kit to also make great, homemade vinegar. Even better than apple cider vinegar!
⭐️ My cultures are created using a select mixture of organic green and black tea. This makes them ideal to brew Kombucha with your choice of black, green or a mixture of teas!
⭐️ Quick delivery! All packages are tracked and insured. Scobies are heat sealed in a food grade plastic bag, ready for travel! Arrives freshly packed in a box, with everything you need to get started.
⭐️ All Kombucha cultures are 100% organic. Created using the freshest, highest quality ingredients.
⭐️ Never dehydrated or refrigerated!
⭐️ 100% PURE Kombucha culture. This culture and starter tea is completely pure and organic. It has never been cross contaminated with apple cider vinegar or anything other than pure Kombucha and starter. Apple cider vinegar is commonly used as a Kombucha starter, however similar, it is not true Kombucha and can weaken your culture strain over time.
Pu-erh is a very special tea originating in Yunnan Province China. It has already undergone a fermentation process, making it PERFECT for brewing Kombucha tea. It delivers a very mild, satisfying flavor that is sure to win over just about anyone's tastebuds! Pu-erh goes a long way, and you won't need to use as much of this tea as you would green or black. Pu-erh is also more forgiving if you over brew or under brew. It won't turn vinegary or "boochy" too quickly. Perfect for beginners!
⭐️ Keeping things sanitary is EXTREMELY important to me, just as it is to you. Something to be extra cautious of, especially when purchasing a live, Kombucha culture online. All cultures are grown in a smoke free/animal free environment.
❤️ (1) SCOBY (suitable to brew up to 1 gallon immediately)
❤️ Very STRONG starter tea
❤️ 1 cup white sugar (best for culture)
❤️ Printed simple to follow brewing + double fermenting instructions
❤️ (10) Tea bags - your choice of black, green or pu-erh
❤️ Fabric cover + rubber bands
❤️ Plastic gloves (non latex)
You will have everything you need to start brewing Kombucha tea, just supply your own glass vessel. This single SCOBY will produce a baby SCOBY during each brew cycle. Make more Kombucha, share a culture with a friend, create your own pet treats or start a SCOBY hotel!
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