Large GREEN LIMPET Wall MIRROR Seashells Decorative Coastal Living Dining Room Hall Wall Bathroom Beach Art Unique Mirror

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Product Description
SOLD-- $380.00
PLEASE NOTE: Should you purchase this mirror, you will be sent a Photo of this listing and 1 Seashell that would be used and you can expect to see on this Custom Order Mirror
The GREEN LIMPET (AQUA) SHELL Mirror pictured has been sold, this is a sample of how mirrors look when ordered. A custom order will not be exactly like photo, however, can be similar in size, shape, and materials seen! Convo me for your ideas and needs!
Custom/Made to Order Signature Mirror.
These magnificent mirrors are true one-of-a-kind statement pieces...
You can't help but notice these large mirrors, whether it is in a hall, bath, dining room, etc.
The natural style compliments any décor or colors. Each mirror is different in size and shape, no two will be alike. Because I use mirrors that are large to start with (usually in the sizes around 12x20), I can use several varieties and sizes of Starfish and Seashells to create this eclectic 3D style.
Please contact me directly so we can get started! I will find a mirror with your desired size, description or thoughts, I will be able to quote you a firm price once a size and specifications are agreed upon, then in about 2 weeks, you will have your mirror, ready to add a real "WOW" factor to any space.
These mirrors can get heavy so special attention needs to be considered on placement and hanging accessories. Works great with two (2) 100lb anchor hooks. I always have areas to be able to hold and pick up from and mark them with small post it arrow so you know where to place thumbs for picking up the mirror.
Shipping costs will be included in quoted price.

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