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1.:Needle Woven Blue

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Product Description

Boo-Boo Plant Miniature Living Terrarium Plant.
Living Plant You can Wear, Grow and Transplant.
Easy to water, care instruction included with your order.
Can Live in Terrarium for over 3 months without special care.
Included Plant, Terrarium and 18" necklace of your choice.
1st image : Pinky Rose Plant with terrarium on Suede Green Necklace
2nd image : Needle Cactus Plant with terrarium on Woven Blue Necklace
3rd image : Palms Cactus Plant with terrarium on Suede Pink Necklace
4th image: Pearls Plant with terrarium on Woven White Necklace
5th image: Wings Plant with terrarium on Leather Cowhide necklace
All plants are available with different necklaces and clips, please visit or store here for more options:
Each Boo-Boo Plant is a miniature live plant in a small transparent terrarium. Like every other living thing each Boo-Boo Plant needs care and attention. You don't need to be an experienced gardener but don’t forget that every plant requires watering and sunlight. Boo-Boo Plant is a perfect accessory for your key-chain, cell phone, backpack, rear view mirror or any other place where you desire a bit of freshness. You can also remove the top capsule from the base and build yourself a miniature desktop garden. Boo-Boo Plant is the ultimate idea for corporate gifts or wedding favors, for more information please contact us. Your Boo-Boo Plant could live within the capsule from 3 to 6 months without special care. It all depends on the plant type and the amount of sunlight and water provided. Boo-Boo Plant does not require much watering and it only takes about a minute or two. Simply put the base of your Boo-Boo into a small container with water as often as your plant requires; to find out your plant needs read the instructions provided with your order or visit our site. After applying water your Boo-Boo shouldn't move for the next 30-40 minutes to avoid dislocation from the soil. If you notice that condensation has formed inside the capsule, separate the capsule top from its base and let it air out, although its not dangerous for the plant. Once your Boo-Boo fills out his miniature terrarium home, you can remove the top of the capsule, than disassemble the already split base and free your beloved plant. Here are the capsule measurements: Height - 1.5" (4 cm) Width - 0.23" (17 mm) Boo-Boo Plant is as small as it could possibly be, this way you can carry it with ease wherever you go.

Corinne S
19, 2018
7, 2021
Super cute!!! This tiny little cactus is the sweetest thing ever and now my daughter and I want all the baby plants!! Great company and fast delivery!
8, 2020
All these tiny plants hold a special place in my heart. When you open the package, they arrive in,tucked inside their baby capsules,are these adorable teeny live pups. You just want to kiss them:) I am determined to get them to adulthood. PLEASE!!!!! Watch the tutorial on opening the capsules,they are delicate! They shipped fast and with great care.
6, 2020
Wow! I can't believe how tiny this is! I'm impressed. This little cactus is healthy and almost microscopic it's so small! Just as pictured and absolutely darling. I'll be back for more!

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