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Cute Paper Punch SnowFlake Paper Punch Fish Punch Batman Paper Punch Key Chain Charm Special Offer US$3.99(Discounted item)
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Regularly Update : $1.99 - $6.99 Clearance Sales Section , WELCOME to come back ! n_<
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Find something for your gift idea ( handmade Lace Collar, Bracelet....) , and craft supplies ( mini ziplock bag, mini lip balm container, mini mascara tube, mini spray bottle , mini Mirror keychain, mini doll purse frame , button........etc.) click the below and link to my homepage to view all items directly , all items details are on the left in sections of homepage.
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※ LACE COLLAR ............................. ( lace collar )
※ BUTTON ....................................... ( grab bag button, small button, big button, toggle )
※ SMALL ZIPLOCK BAG ................. ( thick quanlity , super mini 1.8cm x 2.5cm )
※ SMALL PURSE FRAME ................ ( 28mm super mini , with key chain and bell purse frame )
※ EMPTY SPRAY BOTTLE ............... ( 2ml,5ml,8ml,10ml plastic bottle, with clip spray bottle )
※ EMPTY CONTAINER / TUBE .........( mini lip balm/gloss tube, mini mascara tube, empty box )
※ HAIR PIN / NAIL CHARM.............. ( big bow hair pin, diamand nail charm, rhinestone)
※ BRACELET / NECKLACE / CHOKER .... ( Diamond Pearl Chokers , Magnifier Necklace , wide bracelet , elastic bracelet )
※ DOLL CLOTHES / MINI DECOR .. ( 18 inch American Doll, Barbie )
※ MINI COLLECTION ...................... ( rement , Dollhouse decoration )
※ TOOL / STATIONERY .................. ( mini scissor , mini paper punch, magnifying glass, mini cutter, storage box)
※ OTHER / MISCELLANY ................ ( cutie stuff,cabochon )
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Super Cute, mini craft punch with Key Chain , punching out shapes easier, and have an additional safty cover design, great for a hand bag charms , scrapbooks, albums, journals , greeting card adn various paper crafts , hope you like them :)
Just press and twist can assemble and disasseble the key chain .
Suitable for paper 90 - 120 gram
[ Q U A N I N T Y ]
1 pcs
[ M E A S R E M E N T ]
20mm x 30mm x 35mm / 0.8" x 1.2" x 1.4"
Shapes Size: Approx 10 mm ( 3/8 ")
[ O P T I O N S ]
[ S T O C K A V A I L A B L E ] ALL STOCK 3 pcs
Fish .............. available 2 pcs
Snowflake .... available 1 pcs
Thumb up ... ( STOCK OUT )
Batman ....... ( STOCK OUT)
Heart ........... ( STOCK OUT)
Coins ( 20mm ) not included :)
* Recommendations for maintaining your Craft Punch *
Tools can be sharpened by punching though aluminium foil or lubricated by punching though waxed paper.
If no options fulfill your needs, please use the " Pattern " pull down menu to select → ( " See Note " ), use the " QUANTITY" pull down menu to input the total quantity you need , and convo me or write me a note while you placing an order to specify what patterns and quantity you need , ( e.g. Heart x 1 ps and Thumb Up x 2 pcs, Total 3 pcs ) , thanks
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Mini Craft Punch Thumb Up Paper Punch Heart Paper Punch Cute Paper Punch SnowFlake Paper Punch Fish Punch Batman Paper Punch Key Chain Charm
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Mini Craft Punch Thumb Up Paper Punch Heart Paper Punch Cute Paper Punch SnowFlake Paper Punch Fish Punch Batman Paper Punch Key Chain Charm
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