Natural Tanzanite Smooth hearts 6.5-12 MM 8 inches AAA+ Quality

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Product Description

Luster Natural Tanzanite Smooth hearts 6.5 mm to 12 MM 8 Inch 109 carats 38 pieces
Sparkling looks
Awesome color
Genuine Tanzanite
Stone : NAtural Tanzanite
Size : 6.5 mm to 12 mm
Length : 8 inches
Weight : 109 carats
Pieces : 38 pieces (1 strand)
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4, 2020
Oh my!!!.. these are such excellent quality, the pics don’t even do them justice. Clarity is sooo much better than I was expecting. I might have to keep these for myself and not re sell. Thank u soo much!
, 1
Took them 7 days to process my paid order to ship??!! It seems they had to mine emerald chips b4! + not to mention another 7-10 days delivery.. and when I finally got them?.. lines broken... my hands turned green!! Ahhhh need to rinse and dry emeralds! Took 30 min until late water wasn't green anymore, but.. fingers still were as I worked with chips.. very disappointed and won't be ordering from them anymore. BTW the same thingsize w garnet, only it was dark pink water and fingers!!. Never had anything like that -disastrous! I make gemstone bonsai trees, more than 15 yrs now... check my 'Gemstone trees' page for on FB.. Wasted $90+s&h-long wait, poor quality & overpriced
Sarah T
22, 2021
Gorgeous fluoride gemstones! It’s rare to find fluoride in this shape and have great clarity/saturation of colors as well nice facets :) will return!
9, 2016
Once again my strands of multi spinel are absolutely stunning! The beads on each strand are consistent in shape and size and the various colors brilliant and sparkly! These particular strands are my favorite! This shop is one of my favorite shops to buy from. Fast shipping and excellent customer service! Thank you for the free shipping, Brijendra!

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