NJ Brewery Passport

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Product Description
Do you love beer? Do you love breweries? More importantly, do you love checking things off lists?!
With this book you can visit all the breweries (100+) that are expected to be open by the end of 2019 in NJ. Show them this book and let them know you support NJ Craft Beer. Drink Local!
While there, get your book signed by the head brewer/owner and tell them where you've been. Many owners have seen this book and have been happy to chat about their trade. Feel free to rate the "Vibe" and the "Beer" offered by the brewery. Which Brewery will be your favorite?
The book is made on HP high gloss paper printed with a LaserJet Canon printer. It is bound using a homemade book press, binding glue, and a love of beer. The cover is 100% recycled-- It is cut from a used elementary teacher's grade book. Thanks kids!
**There is also an option to include NYC vicinity and Eastern PA Breweries. Check on the store shop.

April 20, 2021
NJ Brewery Passport
21, 2018
NJ Brewery Passport
12, 2018
NJ Brewery Passport
Cathy Cottrell
May 23, 2018
Tampa Bay / St. Petersburg Brewery Passport

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