Pair of Antique Wood and Metal Cobbler's Shoe Lasts Awesome!

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Product Description
Pair of antique fully plated wood shoe lasts or mold forms. I’m not sure what size these are or which gender but each one measures 10-3/4” long. They are strung together on what looks like the original heavy-duty hanging wire, which is cloth covered. Each shoemaker’s last has a heavy metal plate screwed onto the bottom, as well as a metal ferrule socket inset near the heels so that the lasts can be mounted on a stand. The tops are beveled at a slant; there would have been another piece called a cone that would have gone with it. Metal plates on the bottoms allowed the cobbler to use nails to attach the soles; when the nails hit the metal they would bend over, securing the sole. What’s great about these is that they are customized, with leather pieces nailed onto the sides to make each one wider. Unique and one-of-a-kind; these primitive pieces would look awesome on display!
Condition of the shoe lasts are good. Obviously, they have been used in a cobbler’s trade, and show the wear associated with shoemaking. They have scuffs, scrapes, scratches and nail holes in places. The heel end of the metal plate on the right shoe isn’t flush with the wood, being raised up a bit due to two screws missing. The wood on the back of one of the molds has flaking. Nice polish from handling in places, particularly the heels.
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