Petrified Wood Slice 416.4g

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Product Description

Quality slab of petrified wood.
Indonesian origin.
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** Please contact for additional photos and information! :)**

January 27, 2021
Just look at that flash! It's so beautiful, the picture just doesn't do it justice. Amazing shop, great service, friendly's easier to say I've become a lifetime customer. I also received another order from them that they were nice enough to bundle together for me with the fire agate, which was a parcel of grape agates. Unfortunately, it won't let me leave a review for them and thus I can't take a photograph, but let me assure you they are spectacular! Most of them are druzy grape agates! So, I apologize I can't take a photograph for you all to see. Anyways, yes, just awesome. Highly recommended!
Jynna Bjornstad
4, 2021
Obviously my camera quality is not the best but I am SO in love with my purchase. Such a clean and vibrant crystal, it makes me want to keep it for myself haha. They even threw in a little extra. This shop is quick to reply and quick to ship. 10/10 would recommend :)
, 1
The quality of the labradorite I received is incredible. I am honestly blown away. If you are trying to decide on a shop to order from, stop looking now. This shop is the one you want, trust me! Would rate 20 stars if I could.
May 9, 2021
Happy with my two meteorites. And I got an extra baby as a free gift. Happy with my purchase. Shipping was fast as well. 5 stars. Thank you

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