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Please click to expand item details!! Please remember to read the full listing details, read my policies, and view all photos before purchasing! I know it is easy to skim over or skip the details, but the listing information and policies are the only way I have to convey important information to my customers, including safety and usage information. Please be sure to read thoroughly!
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Please be aware that all orders have a processing time of one week at the moment. I'm sorry, but I never guarantee delivery dates for any reason, and cannot ever promise your order will arrive by a specific deadline or holiday. please keep in mind the estimated delivery date USPS gives on your tracking is an estimate only, and mail delays are always a possibility. Please make sure to place your order well before the date you need it by!
This listing is for one half-pan of handmade watercolor paint
Now you see it, now you don't! This color flashes brightly with an ethereal pink from one angle, and nearly disappears from view from another. It can be used to give a luminescent or glowing effect to elements in your art. Phantom Rose is made from an interference pigment: colorless mica that has been coated with reflective oxides in such a way that it refracts light like a prism and gives a glowing color when the light hits it. These colors show up especially strongly over dark backgrounds, and can add a touch of whimsy to anything. Use it to paint faerie wings or a dragon's gem, or add shine and sparkle to a painting of a galaxy or a night sky with a beautiful aurora. If your painting style is less mystical, softly touch the details of a peacock's feather or the scales of a fish, for subtle natural shine, or show the inner fire of a beautiful opal or sunlight kissing a cresting wave, the glimmer of fresh snow... there's no limit to what you can do with such a wonderful color.
Color: Phantom Rose - pearlescent interference pigment
Pigment Color Index Name: No official name, unaltered mica goes by PW20. Mica is a nearly colorless silicate mineral crystal that is usually formed of very thin plate-like layers. Powdering mica produces a natural glitter, and colored mica is usually created by coating mica particles with iron oxides or titanium dioxide.
Lightfastness: - No official rating, rated permanent by manufacturer and my own tests also show excellent lightfastness.
Granulation: Moderate
Translucence/opacity: Translucent
The interference pigments do not mix well together. They tend to cancel each other out and produce white. They look especially brilliant glazed over a solid color of a matching hue.
Rivervale Watercolor's paints are hand mulled the old-fashioned way on a glass slab from pure pigment and a natural honey-based watercolor medium. No fillers or additives are ever used. My goal is to provide high quality artist-grade paints at affordable prices for artists of all varieties.
Each pigment I use has its own unique attributes to explore and bring to your paintings. Handmade paints are a very different experience compared to commercial watercolors. Each pigment has it's own unique properties, and not every color will be the right fit for every artist. Natural pigments in particular vary greatly in texture and handling properties, some are smooth, others have a lot more texture, some tint strongly and have a great range of value, while others are very delicate with a low value range and need to be built up slowly on the page. Some wet and and flow easily, others require pre-wetting for best results and may need the addition of oxgall or another dispersant if you desire them to flow freely on the page. My paints may vary slightly in color from batch to batch, especially pigments from natural sources. Please consider what sort of artwork you will be creating when choosing the colors you use.
Each watercolor pan is filled to the top at least twice during the pouring and curing process. Some colors are prone to slight cracking in the pan, please rest assured this does not affect its usability or its properties on paper. Different pigments shrink slightly as they dry in the pan to varying degrees, but all pans have been filled the same way.
The pans themselves measure 1.6 x 1.4 x 0.9cm
I do my best to keep my workspace clean, but occasionally paint spills as I fill colors and stains the pan. Often I can't get the stains off, or I accidentally miss a very small spot. This won't affect your paint in any way, other than the outside of the pan not being quite pristine to look at. Just consider it extra decoration. :)
Many of my paints are single pigment colors and the majority are lightfast. Non-lightfast colors or colors comprised of more than one pigment are clearly described as such. I rely both on information from the pigment manufacturers and my own extensive tests to provide the most accurate information possible about each individual pigment's properties.
I'm sorry, but I never guarantee delivery dates for any reason, please keep in mind the estimated delivery date USPS gives on your tracking is an estimate only, and mail delays are always a possibility. Please make sure to place your order well before the date you need it by!
I am not offering international shipping at this time, and I cannot make exceptions. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes.
Watercolor Care and Safety:
. Pre-wet your watercolors with a drop of water a few moments before using for best results.
Each pigment I use has its own unique properties, and the ease with which a pigment rewets is one of them. Pigments that are more difficult to wet will benefit from being spritzed or allowed to soften for a few moments with a drop or two of water before you begin painting. Here are the categories from easiest to hardest to rewet in general:
. Synthetic Organics (Quinacridones, Phthalos, Benzimidas, etc.)
. Most Micas (fine particle)
. Oxides (Ultramarines, Cobalts, Titanium, Chrome Green, man made Iron oxides)
. Most Earth Colors
. Large particle colors (especially earths) or those containing large amounts of clay, such as Pink Pipestone, Raw Umber, or any of the green earths. These in particular are difficult to rewet and truly need the time to soften.
. My paints are formulated with honey, which has many benefits for the workability and smoothness of my colors, especially the natural earths. It does however draw in moisture, and may cause colors to remain tacky in the pan rather than ever fully drying. Your paint may become slightly stickier or drier depending on either humidity or heat and may even crack a little on top. This will not affect the usefulness of your paints.
. Allow your colors to dry after using to prevent mold, (a slightly tacky texture is fine) and store them in a cool dry place out of reach of children or animals.
. Do not expose your paints to extreme conditions, avoid harsh heat or cold.
. My formula is simple, consisting of binder, humectant, pigment and preservative. I do not add any extra ingredients, I leave the addition of other additives to the individual artist, to adjust to their own personal taste. If you like paints that flow more freely, you might consider using ox-gall with them.
. If you add any kind of additive to your paints, I suggest using only those formulated specifically for watercolors, as I cannot know how others might react with the paints.
. Display finished paintings appropriately regardless of material quality. Display out of direct light, and use acid free paper and UV protective glass or spray if possible.
. I suggest cutting a piece of plastic to use as a shield for the tops of your pans and using padding on top to keep them snuggly in place while traveling with your watercolor tins to protect them.
. Please use proper safety procedures when using your paints, do not eat or drink while painting and wash your hands after. These colors are not meant to be ingested or used on the body. Do not leave within reach of children or animals.
Most pigments I use are considered non-toxic or of low toxicity, but some art pigments are toxic and should be handled with caution. Most have no known safety hazards in watercolor form when used as directed, but as art pigments are often not subjected to the same testing standards as edible dyes or cosmetic ingredients, should nevertheless should always be used appropriately and with proper safety precautions.
Those pigments considered toxic will have that information available in the listing details. Do not use my paints if you have an allergy to clove oil, gum arabic, glycerin, honey, Cap-5 broad spectrum preservative, or the listed pigment. The clove oil adds a somewhat floral scent to the paint that may irritate those very sensitive to such smells.
My home is smoke-free. I do own cats, they aren't allowed contact with my paints and I am as clean as possible, but I can't guarantee absolute safety for those with cat allergies.

Please remember to read my policies before placing your order. By placing an order, you agree to abide by my shop's policies. Shipping normally takes place within 3-5 business days (or one week total) depending on the item. please ensure your shipping address is correct before confirming your purchase. Returns, cancellations, or exchanges are not accepted, but if there is an issue with your order please contact me so I can help you!
All photos shown are for illustrative purposes only.

amber leilani middleton
8, 2018
This color is just stunning! I can't wait to really play with these colors. My first foray into small batch, hand crafted water colors and i may never go back! Bliss! Perfection! Thank you so much.
mary scott
1, 2020
I am a novice with watercolors, but I am afraid I am so spoiled by the quality of these handmade watercolors that I have received, I'm ruined for life to any other types or brands!!! The pigmentation is beyond anything that I could have imagined and the fragrance from the clove essential oil is intoxicating! I have caught myself just opening up my tin so that I can smell them!!! You will not go wrong with purchasing these!! I received them super fast and in pristine condition!!!
February 27, 2021
Beautiful colors! They paint wonderfully too! I love the idea of a phantom color. I have used them as backgrounds and main components. I can't tell you how both subtle and bold they can be!!
Andrea Gentry
March 7, 2021
My camera didn't catch the pink tones but I can assure you they are vibrant and even more so on black paper!

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