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Product Description
Tabby Kitty Cat Buck lounges on his Pop Art heart, coolly representing this listing for the the CUSTOM oil painting of YOUR pet in the 8x8" size.
(I've been getting more requests for paintings with a Pop Art flair, and also enjoy creating a colorful Pop Art background, as seen in this listing...)
To get started on YOUR custom painting, message me with some photos of the special pet (large and good resolution please) via Etsy or to me: [email protected]
I create the pre-painting composition for your OK, then paint your pet's portrait.
* turnaround time is about 5 weeks
* You make payment after you've seen photos of the finished painting
Painted on prepared fine cotton fabric stretched over a 3/4"-thick hardwood board & stapled in the back, your painting arrives to you ready to hang/display.
*a pet portrait can provide a life-time of happy memories of absent pets*
❤ puci

26, 2021
reserved, custom oil portrait painting by puci, 10x12"
12, 2021
reserved, Custom Oil Portrait Painting by puci, 10x10"
May 27, 2021
reserved, custom oil portrait painting
May 2, 2021
reserved, deposit listing, 12x12" custom oil portrait painting

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