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Product Description

This rug was imported from Serbia. Handmade by 3rd. generation of local tanners.
Premium quality. Hand tanned. Natural air dried. 100% genuine sheep skin. European (Balkan) breed animals.
Sheepskin used to make this rug has been sourced ethically and humanely and 100% as byproduct of meat production.
Animals are free-range raised and sustainable sourced. Animal skins are endemic to breeds specific for Balkan region.
Skins ARE NOT processed by mass processing facility, but rather family owned business with "Old Craft" certificate. This means that such business falls in "tradition" category of business in Serbia, since third family generation takes care of business.
Skins are processed in small batches, usually 10 at the time, in order for skin to preserve, to the greatest extend, its natural distinctions and quality.

17, 2020
My dog absolutely loves cuddling up on this sheep skin. Very high quality and much better than settling for a faux fur!
Dyann Gregg
22, 2020
Thank you so much for the very fast shipping! These are excellent quality and bought as a gift for the back of a recliner. Best wishes in the coming year. Please stay safe.
Clare Callahan
June 9, 2021
So soft!
Jesi Feni
23, 2021
Very beautiful - thank you so much!

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