South Bend Junior 9 22-YB Lathe Lantern Post, Compound, Cross-Slide & Cross Feed Attachment Assembly. Compatible with 'Heavy 10' Models.

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Product Description
This is an original cross-slide, compound, lantern-post, and cross-slide feed nut of a South Bend Model 22-YB "Junior" or "Heavy" 9" Metal Lathe.
As shown in the pictures, the compound swivels across a 180 degree arc with a middle point where the compound is in alignment with the cross-slide (please review the pictures, which are part of the description - and they provide a much better description than my writing does).
The lantern post tooling holder slides into the compound, and can turn to any angle.
I discovered no deficits in the functionality of this assembly. The cross -slide feed nut moves smoothly across the cross-slide rest screw (to be listed separately). The compound adjusts across a 180 degree arc of the cross-slide without issues, and tightens into fixed position easily (by tightening the two screws at its sides). The (small dial) compound rest screw assembly also functions, as far as I can tell - the tooling base slides forward and back (I don't know what specs this should meet, but nothing appears off - it turns with moderate tightness, and moves until it hits a hard stop in both directions).
A swath of japanning is missing from the top of the compound, and there's a bit of discoloration to the steel at the top of the tooling hold, as shown. Upon disassembly, there was no internal rust or corrosion in the compound, cross-slide, or any of the screws (it was well-greased). I did not disassemble the compound rest screw. Otherwise, the assembly has been taken apart to its essentials and inspected thoroughly.

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