SUPER PREMIUM Binghamite Silkstone slab. Velvet Stone...mindblowing!

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Product Description

SUPER PREMIUM Binghamite / Silkstone slab. Incredible chatoyance. This is nothing like the other Bingham/Silkstone you'll find anywhere. I got some of this from an old Pastor in Minnesota 15+ years ago. He collected it himself off private land. He passed away a few months after I met him so there is no more of this quality that I've ever run across since. The colors are superb; greens, black, reds, gold, peach, and more... This material is hard and solid. Hard to believe it's rock when you look at it it is sooooo silky and chatoyant. Only selling the 4 slabs we have up for auction. I recommend you buy them all and save on shipping! I 110% guarantee you will be thrilled and feel privileged if you do buy some. I know I feel that way every time I look at it.
Weight: 465g
Size: 106mm x 55mm x 32mm
Quarter reference for size.

3, 2021
Very reliable seller: a gorgeous piece of tugtupite as described , very fast shipment. I´m really satisfied at all, thanx a lot. with best regards, b.
13, 2021
This really is exceptionally beautiful nuumite.
January 19, 2021
Thank you for a beautiful rare Binghamite !
January 23, 2021
Thank you for offering this cabochon! Striations of color add to this rarity!

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