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Product Description

!! We only make a digital file !!
Good day!)
We create historical and fantastic pictures with photos of your Pets)
We can create images of kings and Queens, generals, warlords, fantastic warriors, mermaids, elves, merchants, crusaders, cosplay, and so on.
Very often we are ordered paintings for the parents of Pets. We make pictures of people, person + pet, multiple Pets in the picture, etc.
We have thousands of paintings, and it is simply impossible to list all these paintings. For this reason, if you don't find something you like, write to Me and I will choose the perfect image for you)
How do I place an order? 1 option:
1). Choose a picture that you like
2). order and payment
3). Email me and agree on all the details
4). send a quality photo (selfies and screenshots will not work)
How do I place an order? Option 2:
1). Write to me, ask questions, and see other options for images
2). Select an image
3). order and payment
4). send a high-quality photo (selfies and screenshots will not work)
All layouts and changes in the picture - we will coordinate with you! We are going to paint and remove what is necessary. All details are negotiable!
We only provide a digital file. You can print it on a printer or in any printing house) And also pull on canvas and hang in a frame
If you have any questions or suggestions, please write in your personal messages. I will be happy to answer this question!

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