Victorian Oak Potters Rolling Pin c1880. Slab Rolling Pin. Wooden Rolling Pin. Pottery-Ceramics Craft Tools. Clay Pounder. Retro Kitchenalia

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Product Description
This is a beautiful solid oak Slab Rolling Pin which came from the studio of a local potter. A family piece, it started life in her Grandma’s kitchen around the 1880s & has been in constant use ever since!
She spent many years whacking, pounding & rolling clay for her fairly monumental garden sculptures which she either kept or gave away! Her garden was so full, there was almost no room for plants but she always refused to sell her work!
A huge 49cm or about 19 1/4” in length, it has turned knob ends & measures 4.2cm or 1 5/8" diameter. Solid 480g weight.
A well loved piece with a great polished patina of use, it has couple of ancient chips in the knobs but no surface damage to the roller. Please have a good look at the photos.
Perfect for pottery & ceramics work or equally good in the kitchen (following a good wash!)

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