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Product Description
This pretty mismatched luncheon set features a Seymour Mann luncheon plate and a Portmerion china tumbler.   The tumbler glass  is done in the Summer Strawberry pattern and was made between 1980-1990. It is an overall white/cream color with a strawberry and vine pattern on one side. It is dishwasher safe. The tumbler is marked " Portmeirion/ Summer Strawberries/ Dishwasher Proof/ Inglaze/ Decoration" on the bottom.
The china luncheon plate  is done in the Framboisier pattern and was made during the 1970s. It is  an overall white color with a raspberries and leaves on
branch design. It has scalloped edge and an indentation for the cup on one side. It is marked "Framboisier/Seymour Mann Inc." inside the Mann logo.
Tumbler: approx. 3 1/4 inches diameter
approx. 3 3/4 inches tall
approx. 6 ounces
Luncheon Plate: approx. 8 1/4 inches diameter
This discontinued mismatched set is in excellent condition with good color and no chips or cracks. Please note that the tumbler fits over not inside the cup indentation on the plate.
Thanks for your consideration and have a great day!
Item number:  1-E-2

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