Yarn: Sturdy Socks - Bright Orange - 100g

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Product Description
A hand dyed durable sock yarn made from wool from European sheep. Approximately 100 grams/ 420 meters= 459 yards.
I love kettle dyeing semi-solids and tonal yarns with acid dyes because they produce very rich and vibrant colours. Even with careful investigation, it is sometimes hard to predict what colour a yarn will turn out like, so even though I typically aim for something, most of my yarn dyeing adventures end up being part of an experiment. I do keep track of what I do for repeatability, although each dye lot is unique. Even within the same dye bath there can be some variation in how skeins turn out. When using multiple skeins, I recommend alternating skeins to avoid unwanted pooling (or just roll with it if that's what you like).
The last picture is a comparison with colours Fox Cub and King's Day. (Bright Orange is depicted on the right side, but you can also look at the labels.)

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