You buy here 50 g (250ct) turmaline raw stones (colorful) from Tanzania as water stones or suitable for jewelry production. (grinding)

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Product Description

You buy here 50 g = 250ct Turmaline raw stones (colorful) from Tanzania
Packed in an organza bag.
Item characteristics
Form: Raw stone
Stone: Tourmaline Various varieties
Colour: Colorful
Wiped: 50 g = 250 ct.
Usage: Waterstone, Healing Stone, Jewellery Making
Heil/ Schutzstein: Yes
Genuine. Yes
Dimensions: Long: 1.5- 8 mm
Width 1.5 - 8 mm
Depth: 1 - 5 mm
Quality; Well
Treated: no
Frequency stone: common
Country of origin: Tanzania
Effect of tourmaline
The tourmaline has very different varieties, all of which have different healing effects. In general, however, the tourmaline is said to have a building and invigorating psychological effect. The tourmaline promotes the pursuit of harmony and clarity in life. Through it, we are able to perceive developments and processes more strongly and thus be able to control them. As a black tourmaline (Schörl), it is one of the strongest protective stones against negative energies.
Charging, unloading, cleaning tourmaline
Should be discharged once a month under running water and placed in an amethyst drain for a few hours for charging. Charging in the sun is not recommended for pink tourmalines.
Application of tourmaline
The tourmaline should best be worn directly with skin contact. Direct body contact is also important when laying on. Some medical investigators even recommend sticking the stone to the affected area. When scarring, the tourmaline is removed from the scar, which is intended to remove the excess energy from the scar. As gemstone water, the tourmaline is best taken at times of the organ clock, depending on the variety and desired effect.
Gemstone water with tourmaline
Suitable for direct contact with water? Yes
Gemstone water effect : strong
Legal information on the use of the healing stones
For legal reasons, the explicit indication is made here that the use of the healing stones does not in any way replace the medical or therapeutic advice.
The information provided does not include medical advice, diagnosis, recommendation or treatment.
A doctor or therapist should always be consulted in case of discomfort. The use of the healing stones in case of health impairment is to be understood in addition and independently.
The given overview of the areas of application of the healing stones has no claim to completeness.

4, 2021
Herzlichen Dank an Peter für die sorgfältig verpackten Gläser samt Mineralien, welche umgehend versandt wurden! Die Kristalle glänzen noch weitaus schöner in Natura als auf den Fotos, und wir sind sehr auf deren Wirkung gespannt... Die sehr freundliche Kommunikation sei auch erwähnt! :-) Vielen Dank & alles Gute, aelva
June 5, 2021
Magnifique commande, je suis très contente! Le cristal est arrivée très vite et bien emballée. Le paquet d'emballage était très chou et attentionné, avec un petit cadeau à l'intérieur. Merci beaucoup, je passerais très vite une autre commande. C'est un cristal de roche brute dont la vibration est très haute, cette boutique est vraiment au top niveau qualité. J'ai rarement vu un cristal de roche aussi précieux! Mille merci, vielen Dank!
Loredana Grünling
20, 2020
Wunderschöne Amethyste! Unglaublich schneller Versand!
9, 2020
Really fast shipping, nicely packaged and with fancy lil baggies and even a small candy extra :D Can definitely recommend shopping here~

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